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Competitive Ruling – Code of Conduct Violations

Several members from the Gears Pro League have been found in violation of the Gears Esports Code of Conduct and are subsequently banned from Gears 5 and competing in Gears Esports. 


Following review and investigation by Microsoft, The Coalition, and Gears Esports administration; Pro League players Vital, Noey, Reptilian, and Shock have been found in violation of the Gears Esports Code of Conduct due to multiple instances of sexual harassment. Consequently, all four players are banned from Gears 5 and thereby indefinitely prohibited from competing in Gears Esports competitions. Each player will also forfeit all prizing from the current Phase of Pro League competition. 

Vanquish, Hive, Noble and Elevate will be permitted to promote their substitute player, and/or pick up one Challenger player to complete their rosters in either a substitute or player capacity. The Challenger Tournament scheduled for Sunday, April 25th will be canceled, and further adjustments may be made following Pro League roster selections. 


On the evening of April 19th, 2021, several active Pro League players joined the live broadcast of a female Gears 5 streamer and proceeded to inundate the chat with offensive language directed at the streamer for over 90 minutes, eventually leading to the streamer ending her broadcast early. 

Upon learning of the incident, Gears Esports administration immediately postponed all matches for the week, including Emergence Days, and began investigating the incident alongside The Coalition Community team. Following this investigation, which included conversations with the affected parties, all information was reviewed by several groups within Microsoft, including Xbox Security and The Coalition’s Community and Senior Leadership teams, resulting in the decision to indefinitely ban these players from Gears 5, thereby prohibiting them from competing in Gears Esports competitions. 

As detailed in the Gears Esports Code of Conduct, sexual harassment or any other behavior that is degrading to any gender, race, sexual orientation or disability will not be tolerated. The Coalition believes playing and watching Gears of War should be a friendly, fun, inclusive and safe experience for everyone, and providing a respectful environment and community is paramount in this regard. Please visit this page or for information on how to report a player. 

Due to the impact on multiple teams, Gears Esports administration will allow Vanquish, Hive, Noble and Elevate to promote their substitute player and/or pick up one Challenger player to complete their rosters. As these Pro League roster additions have the potential of leading to substantial changes amongst the top Challenger teams, the Online Challenger Tournament scheduled for Sunday, April 25th will be canceled, and additional adjustments, including a Challenger Point reset, may be required. Please keep an eye on the Gears Esports Twitter channel for more information. 

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