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Program Update – October 12

Please be advised that the following adjustments have been made to the Handbook and are effective immediately (as of October 12, 2020):

Section 5.5.2: Weapon Restrictions (formerly Weapon Substitutions) – The Talon and Boltok are banned from use in esports competitions.

Any Team/Player caught using either of these weapons in-game will automatically receive an immediate map forfeit.


Following internal review and discussion with members of the competitive community, we have made the decision to ban the Talon and Boltok from use in esports competitions due to the strength of the weapons and their ability to be attained as loadout options. 

As these weapons can only be acquired as loadout options, any team/player caught using them will receive an automatic forfeit for the map they used the weapon on. Please note that accidentally placing the weapon will not result in any punishment. The weapon has to be switched to and then used for the penalty to be enforced.

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