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Program Update – Split 3

We hope you are as excited for the upcoming Spring Major as we are! Last month, we began a multi week testing period for both Execution 2.0 and Control. We had a chance to test out many different maps, settings, and cycle formats through both the UMG Platform, and Emergence Days.

Once the testing period was over, we began surveying both the Pro Community, and the greater Gears Esports community to see what players across the board thought of these new modes. A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the testing tournaments, tuned into Emergence Days, and then made your voice heard during the survey period.

After reviewing the survey results, conducting feedback sessions, and taking into consideration the popularity of these game modes amongst the wider Gears audience, we are excited to announce that the Gears Esports program will officially be adding both Execution 2.0 and Control to the competitive cycle alongside Escalation starting in Split 3.

The Split 3 Pro League Qualifier will be the final competition featuring Escalation Only, and competitive play will shift to all 3 game modes beginning in Split 3, Phase 1 Challenger OLT #1, and Week 1 of Split 3, Phase 1 Pro League.

Stay tuned for the release of “Competitive Settings V1” which will include all maps, weapon swaps, cycle format, and new pick/ban information. This will also be updated in the Official Gears Esports Handbook upon release.

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