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Season 2021-2022 Gears Pro League Watch & Win (Split 3)

Split 3 of the 2021-2022 Season is rapidly approaching! Don’t miss your chance to collect the Psychedelic weapon set by tuning into the Pro League broadcasts on Tuesday and Wednesday each week, starting at 5 PM ET (2 PM PT, 4 PM CT).

Skins will continue to be entitled based on how many points a user has accumulated. Points can be earned by watching Pro League streams.


  • In order to earn points, you will have to be logged in and watching the streams at
  • You can earn points by watching the stream for at least an hour
  • Points can only be earned during active Pro League Live stream durations
  • You MUST have the window you are viewing on open in order to earn points. You will NOT earn points if your browser is minimized.


Task/QuestPoints Earned
Each hour watched100
Daily Max600


Skins will be entitled manually before the following week’s Pro League broadcasts if:

  • You have the required amount of points for each respective skin and you have acquired points that week by watching for one hour. (Remember, points do not update right away)
  • Users should only be logged into one account at a time.


Week 1 Points required
Psychedelic Boomshot250
Psychedelic Dropshot 500
Week 2 Points required
Psychedelic Torque Bow750
Psychedelic Embar1000
Psychedelic Longshot1250
Week 3 Points required
Psychedelic Lancer GL1500
Psychedelic Retro Lancer1750
Week 4 Points required
Psychedelic Talon Pistol2000
Psychedelic Boltok2500
Psychedelic Snub Pistol3000
Week 5 Points required
Psychedelic Scorcher3500
Psychedelic Claw4000
Psychedelic Mace4500


Image showing the Collector's Bernie character skin that is won by being a top scoring user at the end of Split 3 through Watch & Win.
Tune in to Gears Pro League all Split long to earn your Collector’s Bernie!

Don’t forget! The top scoring users at the end of the Split 3 will receive the Collector’s Bernie character skin!


  • Go to and log in with your Xbox Live Account.
  • Here you can view Chat, Quests and Twitter panels side-by-side.
  • Points will appear in the top right under your Xbox Username. Please note that if you’ve updated your username it may still display your old one, but rest assured that you will still receive items as the platform uses the User ID attached to your account (which doesn’t change)
  • Please note:
    • Updates in points can take some time to reflect on your account.
    • Due to a bug points may not appear to track correctly on mobile devices. As long as you are watching (device is actively streaming during broadcast times) your points will track correctly on the platform’s side.
    • Each phase the points will reset. Individual accounts reflect this reset after you’ve begun earning points in that phase.

Pro League Week 1 (March 15th/16th)

Imagine showing the Watch and Win Items for Week 1 which include the Psychedelic Boomshot and Dropshot
Tune in to Gears Pro League on March 15th and 16th to earn your Psychedelic Boomshot and Dropshot!

Pro League Week 2 (March 22nd/23rd)

Imagine showing the Watch and Win Items for Week 2 which include the Psychedelic Embar, Longshot, and Torque Bow
Tune in to Gears Pro League on March 22nd and 23rd to earn your Psychedelic Embar, Torque Bow, and Longshot!

Pro League Week 3 (March 29th/30th)

Imagine showing the Watch and Win Items for Week 3 which include the Psychedelic Retro Lancer and Lancer GL
Tune in to Gears Pro League on March 29th and 30th to earn your Psychedelic Retro Lancer and Lancer GL!

Pro League Week 4 (April 5th/6th)

Imagine showing the Watch and Win Items for Week 4 which include the Psychedelic Talon, Snub, and Boltok
Tune in to Gears Pro League on April 5th and 6th to earn your Psychedelic Talon, Snub and Boltok!

Pro League Week 5 (April 12th/13th)

Imagine showing the Watch and Win Items for Week 5 which include the Psychedelic Claw, Mace and Scorcher
Tune in to Gears Pro League on April 12th and 13th to earn your Psychedelic Claw, Mace and Scorcher!

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