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Program Update – Feb 27 2020

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In addition to the program adjustments announced last week (see the Feb 20th update) that primarily affected Challenger competition, we will be making a number of adjustments to the Pro League going into the Spring Quarter as well. Aside from the Pro League qualification changes, which have been updated, all adjustments will be reflected in the handbook after Challenger competition for the Winter Quarter has concluded.

In the meantime, please make sure to review the following:

The two North American Pro League divisions will be merged into a single division. A survey will be sent to North American teams shortly concerning match schedules, and the teams will be divided evenly into different Swiss Bracket divisions for the Spring Quarter.

Prize pools will be adjusted to better reflect performance in online play.

Prize Pool for North America:

1st – $20,000

2nd – $15,000

3rd – $10,000

4th – $8,000

5th – $6,000

6th – $5,000

7th – $4,000

8th – $3,000

Prize Pool for Europe and Latin America:

1st – $15,000

2nd – $10,000

3rd – $6,000

4th – $3,000

All Pro League teams are expected to attend the major event at the end of the Quarter, and obtain any necessary documents (passports, visas, etc.) in order to do so. Teams unable to travel to the event without express approval from the Administration will be fined half of their Pro League winnings. Teams will be expected to reach out to Pro League admins and/or to request exceptions and to request assistance required in securing visas or other documentation.

The Pro League Qualifier for all regions will be changed to an eight team, single-day double elimination tournament that will take place on the Sunday following the major event. The Pro League Qualification Tournament for the Spring Quarter will take place Sunday, March 15th.

The teams that will be eligible for this tournament are:

  • The relegated Pro League team(s)
  • The top placing Open Bracket team from the previous event
  • The top 2 ladder teams
  • The top 4 teams based on Challenger Points

Since two teams will still be relegated in NA, the top team from the Open Bracket will replace one of the spots reserved for Challenger Point teams. If a region does not have a representative at the major event, the spot will be replaced by a team based on Challenger Points. The top team from the Winners Bracket and the top team from the Losers Bracket will both qualify for the Pro League.

The Pro League roster lock for non-relegated teams will be moved to the Thursday following the Pro League Qualifier to allow teams to pick up players from the Challenger Teams that failed to make the Pro League. The roster lock for the Spring Quarter will be Thursday, March 19th at 11:59 PM PT.

The roster lock for relegated teams will be the Thursday prior to the Pro League Qualifier, after which point their roster will be locked for the duration of the quarter. The roster lock for relegated teams will be Thursday, March 12th.

Pro League teams may substitute in their coach in the event a player on their roster is unable to play on a given week, otherwise they may play 5 vs 4. If two players are unable to play then they may play 5 vs 4 with the coach taking one of the spots, otherwise they’ll need to play 5 vs 3 or forfeit the match. Although coaches can be added to rosters following the Pro League roster lock, teams may not change their coach once online play for the quarter has begun.

Any Pro League team name change must be requested by Wednesday at 11:59 PM PT in order to be featured in the next broadcast. Teams will be expected to provide a logo and Twitter handle (if applicable) upon making the request.

While we’ll do our best to ensure the most exciting matches are featured in the final spots for all Pro League broadcasts, we reserve the right to make adjustments to the order of matches based on how the quarter is playing out. We will do our best to communicate any changes as far in advance as possible.

Thank you for your continued support.

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