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Please be advised that the following adjustments have been made to the Handbook and are effective immediately (as of 12:00 PM on April 8th, 2020):


Regarding the adjustment to Section 7.1.7: Challenger Points and Travel Awards – Ladder teams are required to play at least one match each week to be eligible for weekly Challenger Point prizing;

The purpose of this rule is to prevent teams from being rewarded for not actively participating in Ladder competitions, as the Ladders now award Challenger Points each week in addition to the Weekly Online Tournaments and Challenger Points are used to qualify teams for competitions such as the upcoming Online Major. While teams should be capturing match results (video or picture) to prove an outcome in the event of a dispute, teams are encouraged to keep this evidence until their points have been added the following week to verify match authenticity.

Regarding the adjustment to Section 5.6: Character and Weapon Skin Restrictions – The Locust Bolter is now considered a duplicate of the Cyclops, rather than the Drone;

Although the Locust Bolter and Locust Cyclops skins are considered a Locust Drone variant in the Gears 5 customization menu, the Bolter and Cyclops skins will only be considered to be duplicates of each other and not the Locust Drone due to the skins’ appearances:

With this adjustment the same team may have one player using the Locust Drone and another using the Locust Bolter, but may not have one player using the Locust Bolter and another using the Locust Cyclops.

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