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Program Update – Jan 17 2020

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Due to concerns with match result verification and tiebreakers coming out of the first phase of the Pro League qualifiers in the North American and Latin American regions, the playoff phase of the Winter Pro League Qualifier will feature 8 teams rather than 6. We are reevaluating the Pro League Qualification structure for future quarters.

The team that qualifies for the North American Pro League from the Winners Bracket will be placed in North America Bravo, while the team that qualifies from the Losers Bracket will be placed in North America Alpha.

Finally, this weekend’s Pro League qualifier tournaments for North America and Europe will be broadcast on the following channels:

North America – (starting at 11 AM PT)

Europe – (starting at 11 AM UTC)

We’re excited to announce that moving forward the final round of the weekly  Challenger tournaments for the North American and Latin American regions will be broadcast on Wednesdays by our friends at UMG. Latin America teams should be prepared to play their final matches at 5:00 PM PT (7:00 PM CT), while North American teams should be prepared to play at 6:00 PM PT (9:00 PM ET).

We would like to remind all teams that, per the handbook, Challenger Points will be reset for the Pro League regions this week following the Winter Quarter Pro League qualifier tournament on Saturday. Challenger Points for South America and Asia-Pacific were reset prior to the online tournament last week.

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