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2020-2021 Season Kick Off – Important Information


  • All players will be required to register (or re-register) on the site. Please use an email you check regularly when registering.
  • Registration will open for players and teams on September 9th at 12 PM ET.
  • First Qualifier OLT is on September 13th at 1 PM ET.
  • The Semi-Finals and Finals for the Qualifier OLTs will be played on the following Monday (first one will be on September 14th starting at 7 PM ET).
  • Teams will be required to check in before the start of each OLT (including the Pro League Qualifiers). Check in opens an hour before the tournament begins.
  • Seeding for the first OLT will be done based on results from the NA-LATAM Season Finals event. All other teams will be seeded randomly.
  • Icebound and Exhibit have been replaced by Reactor and Forge.
Graphic showing the teams that automatically qualified for the 2020-2021 Gears Esports Pro League (Rise, UYU, Hive, Noble), and where the final spots will come from (3 from Challenger Points and 3 from a Pro League Qualifier)
North American teams Rise, UYU, Hive and Noble, and Latin American teams Pittsburgh Knights and Fire N Ice both automatically qualify for the first split of the 2019-2020 Pro League. Of the remaining six teams, three will qualify directly from Challenger Points and three will qualify through the Pro League Qualifier tournament.


Pro League Qualifiers

There are 6 Pro League spots up for grabs during the upcoming Qualification Period. 

Pro League Qualification will take place over 4 weeks and consist of 4 Online Tournaments leading into a 32-team double elimination playoff tournament. 

Following the fourth Qualifier OLT, the top 3 teams based on Challenger Points will earn a spot in the Pro League. The remaining 3 spots will be based on the results of a double elimination tournament held October 10th and 11th between the top 32 teams based on Challenger Points. The Winners Bracket finalists and last team standing in the Losers Bracket will earn a spot in the Pro League.


First Qualifier OLT Seeding

As we’re entering into a new season and combining the NA and LATAM regions, the bulk of OLT seeding will be done randomly for the first Qualifier tournament. As we didn’t want a situation where we had prior Pro League or high-seeded Challenger Teams playing each other in the initial rounds of the first Qualifier, we will be using the results from the 2019-2020 Season Finals to seed as many teams as possible. Like the pre-qualified Pro League teams, these teams will be required to maintain 3 of 5 players from their Season Finals roster to be eligible for pre-seeding. 


Important OLT Times

Platform and OLT Registration opens Wednesday, September 9th at 12 PM ET.

Registration for the first Qualifier OLTs will close on Sunday, September 13th at 11 AM ET.

All teams must Check In prior to the start of every Weekly OLT. Check in will open an hour before the tournament begins and must be done prior to the start of the tournament.

All Weekly OLTs, including the Pro League Qualifiers, will begin at 1 PM ET.

The Semi-Finals and Grand Finals will be played on Monday, September 14th beginning at 7 PM ET


Platform Reset

The player and team database will be reset going into the 2020-2021 Gears Esports season. This reset is being done for several reasons:

  • Clear out the database and free up previously taken user and team names.
  • Give users the opportunity to provide an email address they check often to help facilitate important conversation.
    • NOTE: It is important you use an email you check regularly as this email address will be used to communicate important event information and distribute surveys used to inform program adjustments.
  • Verify users have read the new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy documentation.


Map Update

In case you missed it, we have replaced two maps from last season’s competitive map cycle: Icebound and Exhibit have been removed and replaced by Reactor and Forge. 

This adjustment was informed directly by feedback, testing and discussion with representatives from the pro community, and we’re excited to see some fresh scenery going into the new season. That said, this map rotation is by no means set for the season. Please submit any feedback concerning the map cycle, or anything else related to the Gears Esports program to

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