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Program Update – Split 3 Adjustments

We hope everyone enjoyed the conclusion of the Split 3 Mid-Split Playoffs! Congratulations once again to Vanquish on a very impressive victory this past weekend. This event was a fantastic showing of our new game modes in Gears Esports, and we already can’t wait for the next one. As we head into our second Phase of Split 3, we have a number of adjustments based on some of our learnings from our first Pro League Phase with these exciting new game modes.


  • The Gears Pro League will now be broadcasted on Mondays alongside the usual Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Challenger Semifinals and Finals will now be played on Monday alongside Pro League
  • Training Grounds has been removed from the Control Map Pool and replaced with Speyer. (Training Grounds will still be part of the Escalation Map Pool)


One of the big adjustments we made during Phase 1 was changing Pro League nights from 4 match slots to 3. This was due to the new length of a Best of 5 series in comparison to the old Best of 3 Escalation Only series. This meant that for the remainder of Phase 1, we showcased less Pro League matches than we had in previous Splits. Starting in Phase 2, we will now be broadcasting Pro League matches on Monday, in addition to the usual Tuesday and Wednesday Pro League nights. These broadcasts will also kick off at 4PM CST. We’re excited to showcase more Pro League action than ever, and give fans a chance to watch their favorite teams even more in Phase 2.

Weekly Challenger Tournaments will still play out until the same round on Sundays, with the Semifinals and Grand Finals being played and featured on Monday alongside the week’s Pro League matches

Key Dates:

  • Split 3, Phase 2 Challenger Tournament #1: July 18th, 2021
  • Split 3, Phase 2 Pro League Day 1: July 19th, 2021

The Following Changes will be made to the Map Cycle for Split 3, Phase 2:


  • Training Grounds (Control)


  • Speyer (Control)

Official swaps for Speyer Control can be found in Section 5.6.1 of the Gears Esports Handbook.

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