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2019-2020 Gears 5 Esports Pro League Season Overview


Summer Quarter Pro League Standings for Week 6 (Final standings for Europe and Latin America).
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  • UYU – Xplosive, Mental, Powerz, Kenny and Praized, with coach Ashes
  • Rise Nation -Franchise, Rushiez, Icy, Inzem and Avexys, with coach Affinity
  • Hive – Force, Tidy, Noey, Demise and Solurs, with coach FatalStryke
  • Noble – Xysho, Gearries, Lanarchy, Abo and Toti, with coach Jackal Tenebris
  • Vanquish – Acells, Precision, Hndles, Yachtyy and Twissta, with coach Purpatrate
  • PDHM Gaming – Perfections, Tactix, Dazed, Reptilian and Crushmo, with coach Great
  • Pain – Xclusive, Sneakk, Lava, Krash and Mortifys, with coach Wicked Crazy
  • LOCK – Pel, Aversuh, Detox, Shock, Kyle
  • Rated R Esports – Dragonz, Sergio, Dovjira, Strikkerz and Marsh, with coach Postman Rickie
  • Elevate – Crimsons, Jackfex, Krazed, Phelpzy and Hydrone, with coach Rubikz
  • Oxygen Esports – Xorkos, Kugars, Fracturezz, Ashens and Skills
  • Team Sick – Reda, Physicx, Notorious, Red9 and jRaqe
  • Pittsburgh Knights – Monkyz, Identivez, Raver, Crack and Sumuns, with coach Demize
  • Fire N Ice Esports – Xploidz, Cristalize, Fearzly, Crabys and Sleeafer, with coach Sulfatte
  • Rebel Esports – Kardia, Reflame, Addvers, Chaoz and Demon
  • Le Palide – Nero, Gary, Lyrickz, Shockwave and Jacks, with coach Chronos



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