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Season Recap


  • UYU – Xplosive, Mental. Powerz, Kenny Bounce and Praized with coach Ashes
  • Quarantine -Franchise, Rushiez, Icy, Solurs and Mortifys with coach FatalStryke
  • Parallax Gaming – Xysho, Gearries, Lanarchy, Toti and Abolics with coach Jackal
  • Rise Nation – Avexys, Detox, Drix, Inzem and Shock with coach Affinity
  • Rebel – Krash, Rezik, Sleepytime, Zerpting and Jerppy with coach Ozby
  • PDHM – HBM Perfections, Tactix, God Dazed, Reptilian and Crushmo with coach Great
  • Hive – Force, Tidy, Jefe, Demise and Noey with coach Crazy Train
  • InControl – Acells, HNC Precision, Hndles, Rocky and Yachtyy with coach Purpatrate
  • Rated R Esports – Dragonz, Sergio, Dovjira, Strikkerz and Marsh with coach Postman Rickie
  • Elevate – Crimsons, Jackfex, Krazed, Phelpzy and Hydrone with coach Rubikz
  • Regal Reserve – Physicx, Xorkos, Kugars, Fracturezz and Reaxion
  • KBreaker, Sarksta, bTeeJay, Ashens and jRagee with coach TurkW
  • Pittsburgh Knights – Monkyz, Identivez, Dezonide, Raver and SuMuns with coach Demize
  • Choche, Xploidz, Cristalize, B6ood and Fearzly with coach Punki
  • Crack, Kardia, Addvers, Chaoz and Sleeafer with coach Reflame
  • Levels, Siphonic, Zeddls, Maniik and Jacks with coach Defft


Winter Quarter final pro league standings for NA, EU, LATAM
Fall Quarter final pro league standings for NA, EU, LATAM

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