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Summer Quarter Pro League Live Watch & Win

Complete your Wyvern weapon set by tuning into the Summer Quarter Pro League Live broadcasts. Each week give fans two opportunities to claim each skin – once on Sunday and once on Monday – plus a bonus item exclusively available during Mondays broadcasts. As there are only a few weeks left in the Summer Quarter, we will not be using the point system introduced in the last Quarter. Instead we will be returning to the ‘direct-entitle’ system used previously for events, where the content is immediately entitled to your account upon completing the respective Quest. Check out what’s up for grabs each week below.


How to Play

In order to participate in the contests, you must watch the broadcast on the live landing page – (On ANY channel! And don’t worry, you can still use Mixer and Twitch chats!).

Once you arrive at the page, you must sign in using your Xbox Live Gamertag (one-click sign on) by clicking “Log In” in the top right corner. After you’ve signed in, simply click on the “Quests” tab to access the different contests; to access the Quest tab you just need to click the ‘!’ icon above the chat. Follow any steps listed to complete the Quest, and then click “Submit Entry” to finalize your submission.


Important Claim/Support Information

Please note that as we’re aware there are ways to automate the Quest submission/claim process for objective-less Quests, all Quests will have an objective attached to them (ex. Retweet or Complete a Poll). In the unlikely event a claim does not work, support staff will check the Quest log to verify you completed the objective and submitted the Quest. If they cannot verify this then you will be required to submit a screenshot showing the claim and/or any error you received with your account information clearly visible or you will not receive the content.

Additionally, moving forward all skin support will go through Zendesk.
Click here to submit a ticket through Zendesk.
Please note that we are only providing support for Summer Quarter content at this time.


Pro League Week 4 (June 21st/20th)

Note: The Golden Esports Spray will be awarded following the Operation 4 update on July 14th.


Pro League Week 5 (June 28th/29th)

Note: The Carmine Popcorn Banner will be awarded following the Operation 4 update on July 14th.


Pro League Week 6 (July 5th/6th)


Pro League Week 7 (July 12th)

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